Costa Rica Safari
3 Days 2 Nights

Day 1

  • You will feel the stress of the world melt away as you walk up towards the lodge the first time. For the next 3 days, everything you need will be found underneath the massive thatch roof of the “Rancho”. We will show you around and take you to your tent. The rest of the afternoon is yours to explore, unwind or get the kids to the water slide.  A massage is also a lovely option. The birds will sings lullabies as the sun sets by about 6pm.
  • Dinner is served at about 7PM (usually).
  • The host will explain your activity options around the dinner table. After dinner there, you are welcome to choose a board game, skim through natural history books, or just enjoy the symphony provided by the frogs and insects. You can pick up on some of the fascinating tales of Rafiki’s history, learn about other guests experiences, or catch up with your own family

Day 2

  • The following morning, you will find coffee in the main lodge at 6:30am. Breakfast will be served shortly thereafter and will be served until about 10:00am. The free time before your tour provides a great opportunity to go for a self guided hike, take a birding tour with Steven, jog to the village or simply sleep in!
  • The first of your two adventures will take about 4 to 6 hours depending on the trip. Lunch is served in the field on the hiking and rafting tours, but you will dine in house with the horseback trip.
  • After your tour, it is time for the slide… Kids spend hours going down, you’ll love the fact that they have to walk back up! You may join them in the fun or simply watch for the comfort of the hot tub with taste beverage in hand.
  • There will still be lots of daylight left to get an afternoon walk in.
  • By now, you will start to get a hang of Rafiki. You will have forgotten that you own a tie, high heels, and the importance of time. The scene at the lodge will be similar as the first night in regards to location and tour planning. There may be some new faces and of course fresh options for dinner! This might be the night to get the night hike in with Steven or Randol.

Day 3

  • You now know where to get that fresh cup of delicious coffee, you know where to see the birds at the feeder, and you also know what expect for your tour departure. So relax, you are now a seasoned “Rafikian”. The new guests will be looking up to you for guidance on how to obtain that grin you are wearing!
  • After your second tour, you may wonder what the third trip would have been all about… If you are not pressed for time on the departure date, it may be feasible to squeeze another trip in before you leave, just ask the host!

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