At Sol Tropical, we strive to provide our clients with vacation adventures and tours that deliver highly memorable and enriching life experiences (along with a lot of fun), so that you may hopefully serve as personal ambassadors upon your return home, helping us to promote our friendly people and beautiful country.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make our visitors into Ambassadors for Costa Rica, who can share their great experiences with all their friends and relatives back home. Costa Rica, the land of Pura Vida is a vacation for all ages and abilities there is always something for EVERYONE! COME SEE US!

Sol Tropical Tours have over 21 years experience operating day and complete overland tours from San José, Costa Rica for family vacations, groups for multiday programs, each custom tour provides a typical view of the Country, as well as more unusual sights and adventures.

We are authorized with the Costa Rica Tourist Board as Costa Rica Tours LIC ICT 243.


Our Philosophy

The founder of Sol Tropical, Mark Ayala, is originally from San Francisco, and emigrated to Costa Rica in 1982 after becoming enchanted with the land, the people and the uniquely stable political and social environment established in Costa Rica. Mark has now been providing tourist services in Costa Rica for nearly 20 years, and along with his staff, constantly endeavors to build the most customer friendly and accommodating tourist agency in Costa Rica.

Our Staff

Our bilingual office personnel in San Jose are highly experienced at creating flexible itineraries for both groups and individuals, and are accostumed to provide guidance in determining the best vacation options at Costa Rican tourist destinations. They are constantly updating our tours and hotels information to guarantee the best experience at the best prices to continue giving highly value recommendations to our visitors.

Our Guides

At Sol Tropical we believe that customer service is the key to client satisfaction and for us, the most important is being able to obtain your personal recommendations. Our naturalist guides are constantly in training to update their knowledge of Costa Rican history, its flora and fauna, and the unique and diverse ecological environment that Costa Rica has to offer. They in return, take pleasure in shaing with our visitors their knowledge and insights in their tours, looking to enrich our clients’ experiences, and engaged them in their efforts towards nature preservation of this eco natural treasure site that is Costa Rica.

Our Services

Our visitors can choose from a wide variety of tours and activities – for all ages. Costa Rica has vacation destinations and activities for everyone. So whatever your interests are, whether you want to be relax enjoying the tropical beaches, doing white water rafting, fishing, diving, eco-touring, motoring around off the beaten track or, doing extreme activities as; surfing the pristine beaches of Manuel Antonio, hiking through mystical fog-shrouded rain forests, canopying at altitude, Sol Tropical has the means, the methods and the friendly staff necessary to arrange your wishes.